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MECHABIO group is a highly collaborative research lab and we are interested in a range of concepts and ideas. Our findings have been widely published in numerous publications.
Learn more about our research and areas of study below.


MECHABIO Lab is focused on the study of mechanics of macro/micro/nanoscale components and tissue engineering using fundamental principles of Mechanical Engineering, and apply them to the development of bio-inspired functional structures, devices and systems with innovative multiscale manufacturing techniques.


The MECHABIO group is conducting national research projects, and it is possible to participate in research when entering MECHABIO group.
Also projects, research, fund, research administration, and research comments from professors in various fields are available.
Undergraduate research students can be provided basic research guidance and experience multidisciplinary studies.



As a growing Research Lab, we are currently looking to expand our team. Besides, as we are conducting multi-disciplinary research projects, the applicants from various academic backgrounds are very welcomed. The followings are the descriptions of positions in MECHABIO group.


Our primary research program lies in the discovery and utilization of innovative engineering platforms based on biomaterials, multiscale fabrication, and biologically inspired design principle for controlling or promoting functions of living biological systems such as humans, animals, and plants. Using innovative micro- and nanoscale engineering tools developed in combination with traditional molecular, cell biology, and live cell imaging approaches, various physiological and disease processes in the living systems will be investigated as well as new tissue engineering technologies, therapeutics, and sensing/screening platforms will be developed. That is, the ultimate objective of our research is to develop multifunctional engineering systems for better understanding and engineering complex living systems as well as for various agriculture, biological, biomedical, environmental, and food applications for improving human life.



460, Iksan-daero, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do,

Republic of Korea

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